Frequently Asked Questions

School Closing Process

  • On October 29, 2019, the Board of Directors at St. Anselm and Holy Angels Catholic Academies unanimously voted to close their respective academies at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, and to join together to form a new Academy, Bay Ridge Catholic Academy (BRC)
  • On October 30, 2019, faculty and staff at the academies were informed that their academies were being closed and Bay Ridge Catholic would open in September of 2020
  • On October 30, 2019, an email was sent to the families at the academies informing them of their Board of Directors’ decision to close the academies and inviting them to a meeting the following week
  • On November 5, 2019, the closing academies held a parent meeting at their respective academies to provide additional information about the closing of the academy and the creation of Bay Ridge Catholic

 Bay Ridge Catholic Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors at each Catholic Academy remain in service to their academy for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year
  • All the directors of the Board of Directors at St. Anselm and Holy Angels will be asked to serve on the Board of Directors at Bay Ridge Catholic. The Board of Members will ensure representation of both academies on the Board at the new academy

Bay Ridge Catholic – facility

  • After an analysis of the facilities, the decision was made to host Bay Ridge Catholic at the current St. Anselm building. The St. Anselm building is centrally located given the projected changes in the community and Catholic demographics and is user-friendly for all of Bay Ridge. The St. Anselm’s building is also large enough to accommodate the expected student population of over 400 students with additional room to grow in future years. The building will receive various classroom and facility upgrades prior to school opening in September 2020
  • Changing demographics show the population declining over the next several years, an aging population with more single-person households, and low projected growth among school-age children
  • Catholic child-age population has been shrinking with fewer infant baptisms, First Eucharist recipients and lower parish religious education enrollments
  • Prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year, all BRC Grade K-2 and 6-7 classrooms will be upgraded. Prior to the start of the 2021-2022 school year, all additional classrooms will be upgraded
  • Bay Ridge Catholic will serve the parishes of St. Anselm, St. Andrews and Our Lady of Angels and any new families in Bay Ridge that want to join the academy

 Bay Ridge Catholic Parental Engagement

  • Bay Ridge Catholic is seeking input from St. Anselm and Holy Angels families on the creation of the new academy to best serve the needs of the children
  • Various committees are being formed for interested families to help create the new academy; parents with a desire and interest in an academy to serve Bay Ridge with new and expanded programs are invited to participate in this planning and transition process
  • Ongoing communication with parents is planned throughout the transition process that will provide opportunities for parents to share insights and ideas
  • If you are interested, please complete a contact us form for additional information about joining a committee

Bay Ridge Catholic Academics

  • BRC will continue the strong Catholic education currently provided at St. Anselm and Holy Angels Catholic Academy.
  • Bay Ridge Catholic Academy will inspire your child to want to learn.
  • The curriculum will be focused on engineering and inspired by the arts.
  • Classrooms will be redesigned and updated. 
  • Why an Engineering focused curriculum:
    • Children love learning when they learn through experiences.
    • Engineering is active problem solving that develops greater cognitive skills.
    • The model builds on STEM, STEAM, and STREAM, with a focus on the engineering thinking skills needed for the 21st century world.
    • The engineering thought process requires higher level thinking skills to plan, test, try again and analyze results, even in kindergarten.
    • Careers of the future will be focused on collaborative problem solving, as seen in the design thinking process of an engineer.
  • Why an Arts-inspired environment:
    • Creativity – the arts allow children to express themselves and enhance their love for learning.
    • Improved Academic Performance – the skills students learn through the Arts are transferred to other areas such as math and science and language arts by enhancing visual, auditory, fine and gross motor skills. Studies show that students who participate in the Arts are more likely to be recognized for their academic achievement.
    • Confidence – participating in the arts builds confidence that translates to other academic areas.
  • BRC will provide additional resources, including:
    • 2 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Labs (STEM)
    • Improved Technology
    • An urban garden
    • An art conservatory or studio for dance, drama and fine arts
    • A Foreign Language teacher in grades K-8
  • College/University Collaboration
  • Teachers at BRC will receive additional professional development to support the new academic programming.
  • The Academic Committee will be formed in the coming weeks and will pursue this vision for the Bay Ridge community. You may join a committee by completing a contact us form.

Bay Ridge Catholic After/Before School Programming and Summer Camp

  • After and before school programming will be available for families at Bay Ridge Catholic, at an additional cost
  • BRC Summer Camps will be available for families at Bay Ridge Catholic, at an additional cost
  • Additional information will be provided to BRC families

Bay Ridge Catholic Transportation

  • Transportation will be available to eligible children attending BRC
  • Additional information will be provided to BRC families

Bay Ridge Catholic Tuition and Scholarships 

  • Tuition for grades K-8 at BRC will be $4,900 per year for the next three years.
  • Scholarships are available and additional reductions apply for families with more than one child enrolled.
  • All students registering at Bay Ridge Catholic from St. Anselm and Holy Angels will be provided with an additional $500 educational grant towards tuition from the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Trust for the next three years
  • Scholarship awards from Futures in Education will follow the student, based on the normal renewal application and eligibility.
  • Families should apply for 2020/21 scholarships via our existing process starting on 1/13/20 at > “Scholarships” > “Apply Now”

Bay Ridge Catholic Hiring Process

Meetings will be held with the Administration, Faculty and Staff at Holy Angels Catholic Academy and St. Anselm Catholic Academy. These meetings will explain all the information necessary for the current Administration, Faculty and Staff who would like to apply to Bay Ridge Catholic as well as answer any additional Human Resource questions.


  • The current Principal at Holy Angels Catholic Academy and at St. Anselm Catholic Academy are being encouraged to apply to Bay Ridge Catholic. As applicants they will participate in the Principal Screening Process. This process includes an online application, and interviews with the Principal Screening Committee. The Principal Screening Committee will make its recommendation of the best candidate to the Board of Members for validation.
  • After the completion of this Principal hiring process, if necessary, the Principal position will be made public and all applicants will participate in the Principal Screening Process.
  • The Principal Hiring Process is expected to be completed by the end of Winter 2020.


  • All current teachers at Holy Angels Catholic Academy and St. Anselm Catholic Academy are being encouraged to apply to Bay Ridge Catholic. As applicants they will complete the online application and participate in a classroom observation and interview conducted by the District Superintendent and Associate Superintendent of the Office of the Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services.
  • The online application, recommendations from the Associate Superintendent and District Superintendent observations and interviews along with the current Principal’s recommendation will be reviewed and considered to ensure the hiring of the best eligible teachers for Bay Ridge Catholic.
  • After the completion of this Teacher hiring process, if necessary, applicants from the general teacher candidate pool will be considered for any remaining teacher positions.
  • The Teacher hiring is expected to be completed by Spring 2020.

Non-teaching staff

  • All current non-teacher personnel at Holy Angels Catholic Academy and St. Anselm Catholic Academy are being encouraged to apply to Bay Ridge Catholic. The interviewing and hiring for the non-teacher personnel will be completed by the newly announced Principal of Bay Ridge Catholic.
  • After the completion of this non-teacher hiring process, if necessary, any remaining non-teacher positions will be made public.
  • The non-teacher hiring is expected to be completed by Spring 2020. 

NOTE: The questions below were compiled from parents’ meetings, emails and our contact form. At times, parent’s questions were summarized and collapsed.

What art programs will be offered at Bay Ridge Catholic?

Bay Ridge Catholic will offer dance, theater, music and fine arts. Research has shown that creativity enhances learning and the arts have a positive impact on student abilities. We are seeking additional input on the arts programs from the parent advisory committees.

Why did the Diocese choose engineering and the arts as the focus for Bay Ridge Catholic?

Many research studies on new and innovative programming for schools include the focus on Engineering. We will not focus on any specific area of engineering, but on the thinking process. In looking at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top jobs for 2019 and projected to 2028 include computer and math, and architecture and engineering. We are preparing our children for college and careers. We chose engineering for the ability to focus on the thought processes that can be taught as young as kindergarten. The two academies already integrate technology and teach math and have STEM programs to some degree, although each in different ways. We want to encourage even more of the thinking skills seen in the Engineering Design process. It is also seen that many colleges and universities are now offering a dual degree in Engineering and the Arts. We will offer various Arts courses to encourage that creativity that allows students skills that transfer to other academic areas.

What is the role of religion in the curriculum?

Religion is our primary subject, as it is in every academy in the diocese. Bay Ridge Catholic will have a strong focus on our faith, and units will be focused on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops themes for Catholic Social Teachings as they integrate with social studies, math and ELA. The three parishes that form the area serviced by Bay Ridge Catholic will play a vital role in the student and family faith life and give opportunities for service to the communities they serve.

What curriculum will Bay Ridge Catholic use?

The basis of the curriculum at Bay Ridge Catholic will be the New York State curriculum for all subjects, except religion. However, we want to go beyond the basics (ELA, math, science, social studies and special subjects) and look at religion, engineering and the arts as our shining stars.

Can you tell me more about the Bay Ridge Catholic summer programs?

Our plan is to engage the new administration and faculty in the development of the summer programs.

Will Bay Ridge Catholic offer programs in Summer 2020?

Our intent is to offer programs in the summer of 2020. The summer program will be designed around the needs of the parents and with the input of the new administration and faculty. Location of the summer program will depend on the proposed repairs to Bay Ridge Catholic.

Can you tell us more about the after school programs?

Bay Ridge Catholic will provide an after school program. The design of the program will include homework help, enrichment activities and sports and recreation for students. The final design of the program will be presented at the time of registration.

What is the cost for a second child to attend Bay Ridge Catholic?

The tuition at Bay Ridge Catholic will be $4,900 for one child, $6,500 for two children, three children will be $8,500 for three children and $9,500 for four or more children.

What will the tuition for Bay Ridge Catholic be for the next five years?

At this time, we are only projecting out for the first three years.

Will financial assistance be available at Bay Ridge Catholic above the $500 commitment?

Additional financial assistance can be attained through the Futures in Education Scholarship Program.

Who is paying for the facility upgrades?

The Diocese has identified several donors who will be supporting the cost for the upgrades. The upgrades will be completed over several years.

Will there be an early enrollment period for families from St Anselm and Holy Angels?

Every effort will be made to make the transition from St Anselm and Holy Angels to Bay Ridge Catholic as easy as possible. Additional information regarding registration will be available at the Bay Ridge Catholic website.

How many total students can Bay Ridge Catholic accommodate?

Bay Ridge Catholic is being formed to provide Catholic education to the community for generations. The current facility can support upwards of 500 students.

Will Bay Ridge Catholic hire an Assistant Principal?

It is the intent to hire an assistant principal for Bay Ridge Catholic. The number of children that register for the new school will determine the staffing allocation.

Can parents be involved in the hiring process for Bay Ridge Catholic staff?

Parents are not involved in the hiring of the staff for Bay Ridge Catholic.

Can current staff at St. Anselm and Holy Angels be given priority in the hiring process for Bay Ridge Catholic?

Current faculty are given priority in the hiring process. We are hoping that every faculty member from St. Anselm and Holy Angels applies for a teaching position. The more students enrolled at Bay Ridge Catholic, the more faculty members that will need to be hired.

Can parents be part of the Bay Ridge Catholic Board of Directors?

Parents can serve on the committees of the Board of Directors. Parents are encouraged to participate on the following committees of the Board of Directors: Marketing, Development, Facilities, Parental Engagement. If a position on the Board of Directors cannot be filled and a BRC parent has the needed expertise, the Board of Members will consider appointing a parent to the Board of Directors. Parents are also invited to participate in the Home Academy Association.

Is busing going to be available for summer programs at Bay Ridge Catholic?

Busing will be available for eligible families. Bussing is dependent on where the family lives in relation to Bay Ridge Catholic. Students in Grades K-6 are eligible for bus service if they live more than 1.5 miles away from Bay Ridge Catholic.

Will there be a UPK or a 3-year-old program at Bay Ridge Catholic?

Bay Ridge Catholic will have a UPK for All and a 3-year-old program.

Will students from St. Anselm and Holy Angels be kept in separate classrooms in the new school?

All students enrolled in Bay Ridge Catholic will be in classes together.

What security company will be hired for Bay Ridge Catholic?

Security of the students is our priority and maintaining a safe environment for all involved in Bay Ridge Catholic is our goal. With an enrollment of over 300 students, Bay Ridge Catholic will receive security services from New York City.

Where will students complete their sacraments?

Families will be complete their sacraments at their home parish.

Can the meeting notes from the committees be posted on-line?

The notes from the BRC Parent Advisory Committees will be posted on-line.

Can parents tour Bay Ridge Catholic before registering for the school?

Open house tours of Bay Ridge Catholic will be established. Please check the Bay Ridge Catholic website for the specific dates and times.

What are the expected class sizes at Bay Ridge Catholic?

It is our educational opinion and goal that maintaining a class size of approximately 22-25 for grades 1-4 and a class size of 25-28 for grades 5-8, provides a dynamic and educationally sound experience. Grade levels that have more than 32 students will be split into 2 class sections.

Class size in early childhood programs is limited to 15 students to 1 teacher in PK3, and no more than 20 students per teacher in PK4 programs, with an aide added when the class reached 18 students.

Based on 2019-2020 enrollment at Holy Angels and St Anselm Catholic Academies, if every student is registered for fall 2020, grades 1-8 would each need 2 class sections per grade and would have an average class size of approximately 20 students.

If you have additional questions, please email Roxanne Elder, District Superintendent for Brooklyn, at