Video: Bay Ridge Catholic Will Mold Innovators

When the new school year starts in September, two Brooklyn Catholic schools – Holy Angels Catholic Academy and St. Anselm Catholic Academy – will become Bay Ridge Catholic.

One of the big ways the curriculum at Bay Ridge Catholic will become a new model for a new world is through engineering.

“It’s understanding that they’re living in a different world and if we don’t prepare them for that we are doing them a disservice,” said Roxanna De Pena-Elder, the District Superintendent of the Diocese of Brooklyn. Read More

Video: What Does an Engineering Curriculum Do?

Including Engineering Design in the classroom will enable our teachers at Bay Ridge Catholic to bring real-world issues into the curriculum.

As we partner with ProjectEngin for professional development and teaching methods for our faculty, we want parents to also understand how teaching and learning are changing. Here is a description from ProjectEngin on the Engineering Design Process:

Engineering Design activities and projects can be used to teach creative problem-solving skills at all levels. Teachers can easily incorporate language arts, social studies, art, sustainability and social justice issues, along with core math and science concepts into Engineering Design challenges. Global imperatives, such as the need for adequate housing, access to clean water, reliable infrastructure, energy needs, and sustainability, will frame very real problems for the future citizens who are in today’s classrooms. Engineering thinking and processes allow young people to actively pursue solutions to these challenges, empowering them rather than simply informing them. This vision of a complete education is uniquely supporting by including Engineering Design practices, thinking, and culture in all classrooms.

As Catholic educators, these global imperatives relate to the Seven Catholic Social Teaching themes from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

We will be offering experiences to our parents in this Engineering Design process very soon.

The video below explains more about best practices for creating and running Engineering Design Challenges.

A Vision for Bay Ridge Catholic

On November 5, 2019, Holy Angels Catholic Academy and St. Anselm Catholic Academy held a parent meeting to provide additional information about the closing of the academies and the creation of Bay Ridge Catholic. Representatives from the Boards of Members, Boards of Directors, and the Office of the Superintendent ~ Catholic School Support Services presented a vision for Bay Ridge Catholic and held the first question and answer session for the new academy.

The presentation from the meeting is below. Click on a slide to begin the presentation.


Video: Two Catholic Academies Becoming One New Innovative Academy

Merger Will Form New Catholic Academy in Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge Catholic logoAt every Catholic Academy and Parish School within the Diocese of Brooklyn, our administrators and teachers work to ensure that your children receive the highest quality Catholic education. We strive each and every day to provide an educational experience that grounds our students in their Catholic faith and prepares them to thrive in the 21st century economy.

The Board of Directors, and the Board of Members, at St. Anselm and Holy Angels Catholic Academies are announcing the creation of a new Catholic Academy in Bay Ridge, to be called Bay Ridge Catholic Academy. It is an exciting new model and will be a modern academy to prepare students for success in school and life. Bay Ridge Catholic will be centered around faith, arts and engineering, and teach students the skills they will need to succeed in the modern economy.

The new academy, located in the current St. Anselm facility, will open in September 2020. After an extensive analysis of the buildings, the St. Anselm building was chosen as it is centrally located and user-friendly for all of Bay Ridge. The St. Anselm building is also large enough to accommodate the expected student population of over 400 students with additional room to grow in future years. Bay Ridge Catholic was created through the unanimous vote of the Board of Directors to merge St. Anselm and Holy Angels academies and is supported by the Board of Members.