Video: What Does an Engineering Curriculum Do?

Including Engineering Design in the classroom will enable our teachers at Bay Ridge Catholic to bring real-world issues into the curriculum.

As we partner with ProjectEngin for professional development and teaching methods for our faculty, we want parents to also understand how teaching and learning are changing. Here is a description from ProjectEngin on the Engineering Design Process:

Engineering Design activities and projects can be used to teach creative problem-solving skills at all levels. Teachers can easily incorporate language arts, social studies, art, sustainability and social justice issues, along with core math and science concepts into Engineering Design challenges. Global imperatives, such as the need for adequate housing, access to clean water, reliable infrastructure, energy needs, and sustainability, will frame very real problems for the future citizens who are in today’s classrooms. Engineering thinking and processes allow young people to actively pursue solutions to these challenges, empowering them rather than simply informing them. This vision of a complete education is uniquely supporting by including Engineering Design practices, thinking, and culture in all classrooms.

As Catholic educators, these global imperatives relate to the Seven Catholic Social Teaching themes from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

We will be offering experiences to our parents in this Engineering Design process very soon.

The video below explains more about best practices for creating and running Engineering Design Challenges.