Bay Ridge Catholic continues the strong Catholic education that St. Anselm and Holy Angels Catholic Academies provided for decades.

The curriculum is focused on engineering and inspired by the arts.

Why an Engineering-focused curriculum?

  • Children love learning when they learn through experiences.
  • Engineering is active problem solving that develops greater cognitive skills.
  • The model builds on STEM, STEAM, and STREAM, with a focus on the engineering thinking skills needed for the 21st century world.
  • The engineering thought process requires higher level thinking skills to plan, test, try again and analyze results, even in kindergarten.
  • Careers of the future will be focused on collaborative problem solving, as seen in the design thinking process of an engineer.

Why an Arts-inspired environment?

  • Creativity – the arts allow children to express themselves and enhance their love for learning.
  • Improved Academic Performance – the skills students learn through the Arts are transferred to other areas such as math and science and language arts by enhancing visual, auditory, fine and gross motor skills. Studies show that students who participate in the Arts are more likely to be recognized for their academic achievement.
  • Confidence – participating in the arts builds confidence that translates to other academic areas.

BRC will provide additional resources, including:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Lab (STEM)
  • Improved Technology
  • A Foreign Language teacher in grades K-8
  • Teachers at BRC will receive additional professional development to support the new academic programming.